90 Minute Discovery Call

The decision making process can be emotionally challenging when multiple family members are included.
As a trained facilitator, I offer a 90 minute guided discussion to provide a calm, reality-based approach in a safe space for each member to honestly share personal fears, motives, hopes and goals for their loved one and for their own role in helping the loved one.


I lead a broad and deep discussion to provide insight and discuss options to meet the needs of your loved one.

Schedule your call to identify urgent care needs and uncover new challenges.

Geriatric Assessment and Care Plan

After 18 years serving the Senior Care Management community I have honed the services that I provide into their most important components delivered with the utmost compassion that you have come to expect when working with Faenzi Associates.

Geriatric Assessment and Care Plan

Senior care planning transition is made easier by my years of experience handling such events.

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Senior Care Management

Senior care management services by the Faenzi team provide advocacy and tailored support to meet the needs as specified in the care plan.

When your unique circumstances require that change be made to meet your goals concerning health, safety, socialization and/or independence, I craft a plan to make change successful.

A personal care manager works closely with the care recipient, family, and other related providers to implement solutions developed to meet immediate care needs. Unless circumstances require a dramatic and immediate intervention, huge changes that disrupt everyone’s lives are not made. The approach is gentle; ideally, baby steps are taken so that everyone has time to adjust and trust the change process.


Counseling can be invaluable in helping the aging adult and family members adjust to changing realities in their lives.

At Faenzi Associates, we are passionate about helping others. With our clinical training and professional experience, we can offer validation and guidance that can ease the stress and personal pain that often comes from working through one’s life transitions.

With empathy and compassion, I work to instill hope as I walk beside clients as they face challenges.