Frequently Asked Questions

Gerontologists are specialists in the field of aging. We focus on biological, psychological, cognitive, and sociological change experienced by the older adult. As Senior advocates, we educate and provide support for a healthy aging process and provide opportunities to enjoy the best quality of life possible.

  • When you want to plan ahead:

Today and moving forward is a great time to consider adopting healthy habits and to plan for your future wellbeing and the quality of life you want for yourself. Take some personal time to think about how you would like to age, especially if you are watching a loved one or parent struggle with aging challenges. Proactive planning is essential, and we provide consultation, referrals and resources to help you with your own aging process.

  • Upon triggering events:

Various life events such as repeated falls, a new medical or mental diagnosis, increased memory loss, a marked change in behavior, or self neglect with personal care are just a few red flags that signal assistance is needed.

  • When behavioral changes impact daily living:

If you are finding a change in a loved one or in your own day-to-day abilities, then reaching out to a life care professional for a consultation and / or assessment should be your first step.

  • Yes, I specialize in crisis management.
  • I work with the hospital social worker or discharge planner to advocate for a safe transition home or to a care facility.
  • When applicable, I partner with health agencies who provide on-going care, therapy, and to ensure the individual has all medical components
  • Yes. During the initial assessment, I am able to gain clarity on the care recipient’s needs and recommend the best type of facility.
  • I partner with trusted senior relocation service professionals who specialize in placement.