Schedule a 90 Minute Discovery Call with Clinical Gerontologist Kathy Faenzi to Discuss Your Elder Care Needs

Kathy Faenzi - Head Shot

Schedule your call today to identify urgent care needs and uncover new challenges. She leads a broad and deep discussion to provide insight and discuss options to meet the needs of your loved one.

Kathy Faenzi is an advocate and consultant in the field of aging who earned a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Gerontology. She provides compassion and a deep understanding of how the aging process affects both the individual and family members.

She teaches techniques to improve communication between family members and those who are experiencing memory loss.

In the 90 minute discovery call we will discuss:

  • Identify current challenges and goals for the family members and yourself
  • How to start a conversation about the need for change as early as possible with your elderly parent or loved one
  • How to listen with empathy so your elderly parent or loved one can express their desires
  • How to arrange a family meeting to bring together other caring family members to learn how to navigate specific challenges
  • Identify resources and solutions to meet immediate and long term needs
  • The ultimate result, gaining clarity and peace of mind

What clients and peers have said about Kathy Faenzi.

“Kathy helped my family with our parents’ care. She was so patient, thoughtful and resourceful. I really appreciate all she did with our family. She attended my mom’s memorial gathering and was a real emotional support. I highly recommend her services.”

– Robin, client’s family member

“Kathy and her team at Faenzi Associates are fabulous. She is a highly trained Gerontologist with years of experience managing complex clients. I never hesitate to refer to Kathy when my clients are looking for a Geriatric Care Manager. Kathy is professional, and extremely thorough in her client assessments and care plan development. Thank you, Kathy for all you do for our mutual clients, and the most vulnerable in our community.”

– D. Belcher, RN – Home Care Assistance

Kathy truly cares about her clients and their needs. She is in the perfect role for help with finding solutions for your loved ones. I highly recommend her as she is the best person I know suited to help one find the best outcome for the people we care most about.

Dr. Meg Spicer, DC – Chiropractor