Senior Care Management

Senior care management services by the Faenzi team provide advocacy and tailored support to meet the needs as specified in the care plan.

The Geriatric care manager works closely with the care recipient, family, and other related providers to implement solutions developed to meet immediate and long term care needs. Unless circumstances require a dramatic and immediate intervention, huge changes that disrupt everyone’s lives are not made. The approach is gentle; ideally, baby steps are taken so that everyone has time to adjust and trust the change process.

Geriatric care manager role:

  • Coordinate a care team of professionals to execute all related tasks supporting the care recommendations assessed for immediate and long term goals.
  • Provide recommendations for professional in-home care, adult day care, and/or respite services. • Organize transportation to medical appointments and scheduled outings
  • Advocate at medical appointments, hospitalization and rehabilitation centers to assure client needs are communicated and met.
  • Assist with safe discharge from hospital or rehabilitation setting and assurance the client and care team understands follow up treatment instructions.
  • Monitor and manage daily activities with caregiver oversight and ongoing documentation
  • Advocate, organize, and monitor Home Health Care ( RN, PT, OT, Speech therapies). Support training caregivers for ongoing implementation of exercise and range of motion therapy.
  • Oversee daily calendar to keep the individual engaged with purpose filled activities
  • Offer therapeutic socialization, grief counseling, validation and reminiscence counseling
  • Ongoing communication with family members or appropriate Durable Power of Attorney ( DPOA)

Medical Advocacy/ Medication Management

There are many older adults who are no longer capable of managing their medication safely. Cognitive decline, vision impairment, depression or other illnesses are some reasons one may lose this ability.

How I Support You

To protect the aging adult, medication taken as prescribed and monitored is essential. A Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) oversees all aspects of medication management – communicating with the prescribing physician, organizing and stocking medication sets, safely storing medication in the home, and ordering refills when needed.

Everyone involved in medication management is taught how each medication should be administered. A medication list is developed and updated appropriately with information describing what illness the medication treats, the current dose, and how/when to administer.