Spending the holiday season alone is often a sad and difficult time for our older population. Many of our seniors find themselves isolated while reminiscing their memories of past lifetime traditions. Families members are scattered across our nation making it difficult to share special dates and holidays together. How can we bring cheer and the sense of belonging to our older population during the holiday season? If a senior is incapable of physically joining in or going out of the home we need to consider bringing joy to them.

We often are caught up in the hustle of the holiday season and can forget to take the time to share good will, joy and cheer with our older adults. If you do not have someone you know who are spending the season alone, take some time to visit a nursing home, assisted living / memory community to just say hello and give out a small treat.

If you belong to an organization and you are looking for a way to give back please remember our beautiful senior population. Many are depressed and have no one to share this special time of the year . Encourage the individual to share stories of their past holiday experiences, losses of family and overall wisdom as they so deserve to have a compassionate listening ear.

  • Consider asking a friend, neighbor or professional to visit with your family member to provide simple décor to create an holiday environment. Avoid candles, however potpourri, can fills the home with a lovely scent of cinnamon and herbs
  • If the individual has a tape player or DVD, purchase holiday music to fill the home with sounds of joy
  • There are music players on the market or if they have cable turn on the TV to the music station for favorite holiday songs
  • Bake some holiday cookies, candy etc – however always be sure to know If there is a restrictive nutritional diet( diabetic )
  • Offering to read special holiday stories of inspiration, laughter and love
  • Take the time to watch a classic holiday movie with the senior
  • If the individual is mobile, offer to take o n a scenic ride out to look at the decorations and festive lights in surrounding neighborhoods
  • Look up holiday events, musicals, plays at the local senior center or churches and invite the senior, providing transportation and companionship

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Kathy Faenzi - Head ShotKathy C. Faenzi MA is a Clinical Gerontologist and Senior Care Consultant based in San Mateo, CA.

JC Spicer, M.Ed. is a Freelance Social Science Writer and Developmental Editor based in the U.K.